TitleImprovement of 4 Big Stomach Symptoms such as Indigestion, etc. with an Alkaline Water Ionizer2017-02-02 09:49:50

Improvement of 4 Big Stomach Symptoms such as Indigestion, etc.

with an Alkaline Water Ionizer


The water quality chapter of Donguibogam says about the quality of water, “The heavens yielded people and grow them with water and crops, so why isn't water so important? Fatness or skinniness of body and longness or shortness of lifespan depending on people are caused by drinking water.” Ancestors thought that water was very important in curing diseases, and divided the kinds of water into various types for use.

These days, it is difficult for us to drink water with an easy mind due to environmental contamination, but in the past, water had a mysterious and marvelous use as much as joining the ranks of medicines depending on its kinds.

Having a factory at Wonju, Gangwon province, the EOS Hitech is raising its competitiveness by advancing into the domestic market and overseas markets by being acknowledged for its superiority in technical ability and product performance as a technology innovation type of small and medium business that manufactures industrial back wash filters, alkaline water ionizers, composite water ionizer filters, etc. since established in 1998.

EOS Hitech is getting over 80% of annual revenue from export to United States, Europe etc. by producing alkaline water ionizers based on its continuos R&D and accumulated technical ability.

EOS Hitech also obtained a certificate for the effect to improve stomach symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, heterofermentation in the stomach, excessive acid in the stomach, etc. from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

The ‘Lydia alkaline water ionizer’ is a medical apparatus to produce alkaline water of ‘9.5±0.3’ hydrogen ion concentration through electrolysis. Its sporty design and tempered glass cladding with outstanding durability is attracting even the mind of housewives with its refined and luxurious image.

A combination of water purifier and alkaline water ionizer enables you to select your desired alkaline ionic water by adjusting the pH concentration, as well as purified water.

The system furnished with a high-performance filter of 2 steps enhances the water purification ability, so its effective water purification capacity is 4,300according to the water purifier quality inspection criterion.

This has the best specification among domestic water ionize filters. CEO Kim explained, "Making rice with alkaline water provides glossy and more delicious rice and washing vegetables and fruits with alkaline water increases freshness and lengthens conservation" and "Alkaline water has an effect of decomposing fat to have a feature of adding a clean taste".

This company has a strategy to expand its export areas while reinforcing the local marketing at the strategic base nations such as Middle East, India, China, Russia, etc. as well as Europe and United States with its international certificates such as NRTL, CE, FCC, etc. Especially, an undersink type of alkaline water ionizer enables us to immediately drink water at the sink by installing a water purifier in the sink and installing only a private faucet above the sink. Like this, the product is not exposed to the outside to enable interior design direction even in a narrow space, enabling us to use a kitchen broadly and neatly.


A time to be reborn as a hidden champion securing a global technical ability


After the end of long research, this company has developed a water ionizer using a TFT-LCD(Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display).

This product is supposed to be launched in 2013. The TFT-LCD controls the change of liquid crystals and the quantity of light passing through a polarizing plate as a digital display to display information through a very thin liquid crystal. This company plans to launch this product in the domestic and overseas markets with a digital display displaying image information and a refined beauty of European style with various additional functions.


The alkaline ionic water absorbed fast into our body suppresses oxidation to promote metabolism of our body and induce discharging. The size of general water has as small a cluster as 120 for tap water, 118 for distilled water, 280 for acidic water, 210 for milk and 50 for alkaline water to be high in activity.

This dissolves and discharges human waste as fast as that. Oxidation of a human body changes into a condition subjected to easy occurrence of all diseases, but drinking alkaline ionic water containing activated minerals neutralizes our physical constitution to help maintain a healthy body.

CEO Kim advised, "It is undesirable to drink excessive water for other purposes than quenching thirst, however good water it is" and "The proper amount of daily drinking alkaline ionic water of pH8.5~10 is 500~1000per adult”.

This company is investing over 20% of annual revenue in R&D. As a result, this company has ISO9001(quality management system), ISO14001(environmental management system), innobiz(technology innovation type of small and medium business), venture business certificate and 4 patents, and is applying for 2 patents.

CEO Kim said, "It was owing to our technical ability that we could be acknowledged from overseas", and expressed, "I will bring up the EOS Hitech into a hidden champion securing a global technical ability in the field of developing an alkaline water ionizer making good water for human bodies."