Features of hydrogen water

Hydrogen water

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water which is the best oxidizer for removing oxygen radicals relieves a feeling of fatigue fast
while doing physical exercise and strengthens tolerance, according to various clinical experiments.
Hydrogen which encourages normalization of functions of body cells by removing oxygen radicals
attacking cells of the body is good for dieting, metabolism, coprostatis and atopic dermatitis.

Features of hydrogen water

1) Rich hydrogen removes oxygen radicals causing all diseases.
- Hydrogen water is good for removing oxygen radicals made due to smoking, drinking, ultraviolet rays, air pollution, stress, chemical substances and instant foods.

2) The oxidation-reduction potential is minus (-).
- Good foods have the minus (-) reduction potential. As water molecules are small, hydrogen water is soft.

3) The rate of Hexagonal water is raised through activating clusters.
- Small clusters make water taste good and are softly absorbed into the body.

4) Neutral water is close to my body.

Causes for occurrence of oxygen radicals

Habitual causes

Stress, smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, instant foods

Natural causes

Digestion of foods, excessive physical exercise, immune activities, obesity

Environmental causes

Exhaust gas, ultraviolet rays, heavy metals, electromagnetic waves, chemical substances

How to use hydrogen water

People who feel exhausted after intense outdoor activities, such as sports, hiking and golfing

People who frequently drive a long distance

Students who relieve a feeling of mental fatigue with vitamin drinks

Shower, face-washing

Hydrogen water makes the skin moist and soft.

For cooking

For cooking rice

If you wash rice with hydrogen water, you can remove remaining agricultural chemicals or oxidized ingredients. Hydrogen particles are small and have high seepage force, so hydrogen can make rice glutinous and tasty.

For inflammation

Dieting effects

As hydrogen in hydrogen water promotes lipid metabolism, it can improve fatty liver caused by excessive drinking. As it promotes lipid metabolism, hydrogen water is known to be effective for dieting.

For excessive drinking, hangover

Our body uses “water” for resolving alcohol. ‘Acetaldehyde’ made while resolving alcohol produces oxygen radicals within the body. These oxygen radicals reacting on bad, not good, sides have negative effects on the body. Hydrogen water can cope with the oxygen radicals. Hydrogen water makes bad oxygen radicals stop relieving hangover.

How to take hydrogen water

The daily recommended amount is 2.0mg. It is good to take it at a time, but it is better to drink it little by little several times to raise its effects in the modern society where people are exposed to chronic stress.

If you drink about 1.5L of hydrogen water a day

765 bananas
3.7 squashes
516 apples
45 spinaches
38 carrots

If you drink about 1.5L of hydrogen water every day

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