Features of alkaline water

Alkaline ionized water

Principles for production of alkaline ionized water

Various ions, such as Ca, K, Na, Cl and S, exist in water in bonding states.

When this water is ionized, alkaline ions (like Ca+, K+, Na+ and Mg+) gather and
water becomes drinkable alkaline ionized water in the cathode(-)
and acidic ions (like Cl- and S-) and water becomes acidic ionized water in anode(+) that is good for the skin.


How to use alkaline water

Alkaline water first stage

Daily drinking
(for earlier one week)

Alkaline water second stage

Daily drinking for infants

Alkaline water third stage

Daily drinking for adults

If you steadily take over 500~1,000㎖ of alkaline ionized water daily, you will witness stomach troubles (chronic diarrhea, indigestion, hyperacid and heterofermentation within your stomach) being improved and get favorable effects on your health.


To take one or two cups of alkaline ionized water before eating breakfast of before sleeping is very good.

For excessive drinking and hangover

To drink one or two cups of alkaline ionized water before drinking is good for relieving hangover.

Coffee, red tea, green tea

Alkaline ionized water removes the bitter taste of coffee and the astringent taste of red tea and green tea, and adds unique flavors and fragrance of teas.

For preserving vegetables and fruits

If you wash vegetables and fruits with alkaline ionized water, you can keep them fresh for long time.
Alkaline water fourth stage

For cooking rice

If you cook rice with alkaline ionized water after soaking rice in alkaline ionized water, rice gets glossy like glutinous rice and tastier. In this way, boiled rice can be kept for longer, so it isn’t easily spoiled in summer.

For cooking

Using alkaline ionized water, you can make good soups and stews. If you cook food materials, such as bamboo shoots, wild greens, taros and seaweeds, with alkaline ionized water, you can remove the pungent taste or sharp taste and can get their natural tastes. If you cook fishes with this water, you can remove a fishy smell and have good tastes.