Features of acidic water

Acidic water

What is acidic water?

As acidic water contains anionic like chloride ions or sulfur ions,
acidic water can prevent your skin from being infected by viruses due to its good sterilization effect.
Acidic water also has effects of an astringent, it can be used for skin care.

How to use acidic water

Stages 1~2 (skin care, astringent effect)

For bathing and
face washing

If you take a bath using acidic water, you can get astringent effects and make your face soft and elastic. You also can use acidic water for sterilization and astringent effects after shaving.

Teeth brushing, wounds within mouth

Acidic is good for teeth brushing. In addition, it is good to have acidic water in your mouth and then spit it out if you have inflammation in your mouth.

Hair washing

If you rinse your hair with acidic water after washing it, acidic water neutralizes the alkaline soap and makes your hair glossy.
Stages 3~4 (Disinfection and sterilization effect)

Atopic dermatitis

Acidic water is good for atopic dermatitis by reducing allergens on the skin, maintaining skin moisture and decreasing the number of bacteria of the skin. To put acidic water into a bottle and spray it on itching parts or wounds regularly will be good.

Heat rash, eczema, athlete’s foot, haemorrhoids

It is good to put acidic water on wounds.

For being bitten by an insect

To put acidic water on a part bitten by an insect is good for relieving itching and sterilizing wounds.

For caring pets

If you use acidic water while caring hairs of a pet, the pet can get beautiful and glossy hairs, and its hairs don’t fall out easily.

For sterilizing and washing cutting boards, tableware and dishcloths

As acidic water sterilizes, prevents smells and does bleaching, it is good for washing cutting boards, tableware and dishcloths. If you rinse them with acidic water sterilizes, you can remove bacteria and bad smells, and can have a hygienic kitchen culture.