TitleEOS Hitech Co., Ltd., 'Healthy Water' conserving alkalinity in the body2017-02-02 09:38:32

EOS Hitech Co., Ltd., 'Healthy Water' conserving alkalinity in the body


The balance between acids and bases has an inevitable relationship with life. Healthy human bodies are weakly alkaline, and acidity is its opposite property, so if a human body is acidized, it changes into a condition subjected to easy occurrence of all diseases. Modern men are exposed to an environment subjected to easy acidification, so human beings are born in alkali and die in acid in the end in life. So the familiar fact that 70% of a human body is composed of water provides a clue to keep alkali in the body. The alkaline water neutralizing our physical constitution is the key to that solution.


EOS Hitech Co., Ltd.(CEO Eul-Hwan Kim, has developed and been supplying an alkaline water ionizer enabling us to drink alkaline water easily everyday at home. Alkaline ionic water is small in cluster and ionizes essential mineral into electrical energy to be fast in absorption rates.


In addition, alkaline ionic water is charged with electrical energy to spread fast in the body and have a high reducing power, removing active oxygen to be effective in preventing aging. Owing to this outstanding ability, the number of homes using an water ionize is increasing recently.


CEO Eul-Hwan Kim has been exerting an effort in developing an industrial filter as well as a home filter, and showed a Lydia series in the market recently, getting a positive response.


The 'Lydia alkaline water ionizer' has been acknowledged for its effect in improving 4 big stomach symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, heterofermentation in the stomach, and excessive acid in the stomach to get a permission from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and obtain international certificates such as NRTLCEFCC, etc., finishing a preparation to start pioneering overseas markets such as Europe and United States. The EOS Hitech Co., Ltd. has been acknowledged as a venture business as well as a innobiz, a technology innovation type of small and medium business, emerging as a solid leader in the domestic market already.


The Lydia alkaline water ionizer of the EOS Hitech Co., Ltd. is a combined device of a water purifier and an alkaline water ionizer, so you can select your desired alkaline ionic water by adjusting the pH concentration by steps, as well as purified water. The concentration adjusting function is a leading-edge technology containing the special know-how of CEO Kim, having already obtained a patent. In addition, this is furnished with a high-performance filter of 2 steps to improve its water purification ability and is provided with the best specification among the domestic water ionizer filters with an effective water purification capacity of 4300according to the quality inspection criterion for water purifiers.

Design also plays a role in the popularity of Lydia series. The simple design with a cladding of tempered glass is being evaluated as being refined and classy.

Aiming at the overseas markets, the EOS Hitech Co., Ltd. has developed and launched an undersink type of alkaline water ionizer as well, whose positioning matched well. Having eyes seeing through the market, CEO Eul-Hwan Kim is promoting diversification of business by diversely applying his technology and know-how to an eco-friendly home water sterilizer using hypochlorous acid, a toothbrush sterilizer using electrolyzed ionic water, etc., and the healthy water of EOS Hitech is being loved in United States, Europe, etc. as well.