JAY 101
Product Name: Alkaline water ionizer
Model Name: JAY 101
Item a license number: 제허 15-821호
Dimension: 340mm(W)X340mm(H)X150mm(D)

Product filter

How to Replace Filter

Upon expiration of the life expectancy of a filter, an audible notification of replacement request comes from the machine.
( The filter replacement audible notification is presented whenever the machine is operating with 70 liters left until expiration of the life expectancy of a filter.)

1. Close the inflow valve of the machine before replacing a filter to prevent water leakage.

2. Detach the left and right filter covers from the machine

3. Detach the filter connector and disengage the first of second-phase filter.

4. Rotate the first or second-phase filter to the left to detach it from the equipment.

5. Install the first and second-phase filter into the groove respectively by rotating them to the right(clockwise).

6. Insert the filter connector.

7. Insert the filter cover into the groove respectively and close the filter cover.

8. Push the operation button to activate the water flow.

9. Upon replacement of a filter, foreign particles and remainders may be released for the first five liters of water. Allow the machine to run for a few minutest if possible before drinking, although it is not harmful to your health

10.  Upon completion of releasing the initial five liters, you con select and use the ionic water of your preference.